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Ignition Solutions
Hotter Spark For Your Jeep

By Bill Cooke

When it comes to horsepower, more is never enough. That's why there is a multi-billion dollar aftermarket industry that feed off our desire to go fast. We just can't ever seem to get enough. That's why when we heard about Ignition Solutions new Plasma Blaster ignition for Jeeps we wanted to know more. It's a completely matched system that includes the coil, plug wires and the ignition box itself. By matching the coil and wires to the brain they are able to dramatically increase the energy going to your spark plugs. That means a more efficient burn on each stroke. Lower emission, improved throttle response and better gas mileage are all things you can expect from this system. The one thing I have to give them the most credit for is the fact that they aren't trying to say that it will make your 4x4 a Corvette, give you the winning lottery numbers, help you score with the ladies, or any other of the unfounded promises made by some of their competitors. While we did pick up some increases in power that is just one of the benefits from installing their upgraded ignition system. Getting the most out of each and every pop is the key. They do this by increasing the energy going to the spark plug and getting a hotter spark. This hotter spark gives you an increase of 10% in flame propagation and a faster, more complete burn. Since you are getting the most power out of the fuel you are already using that will give you better mileage. Having less unburned fuel after the combustion process reduces emissions. All this added together has the added benefit of increasing power. That makes sense, right? 

After sitting down with them and getting the first hand info about what their new Plasma Blaster ignition does I was sold on it. These guys are "off-the-chart" geniuses and really know what they are talking about. They have applied this incredible knowledge and research into building what has to be the finest ignition system you can bolt onto your vehicle. It's completely new from the ground up and uses all the latest technology to give it huge performance from the smallest possible package. Most other ignition designs are over 20 years old. While they do work, think about it. How's that 20 year old computer doing for you? How about that 20 year old TV or Camcorder? Technology has moved on and so has Ignition Solutions. Their components aren't effected by the same sorts of problems the other "Brick" type ignitions are. No heavy transformers to break, no internal/external heat problems and it's completely weather tight. Don't think about taking it swimming for too long but a splash or two won't hurt anything. Sounds about right for a serious 4x4 doesn't it? That's what we thought. We had them install one on our '92 4.0L YJ test mule to see for yourselves just how easy it is and how it performed. Here's what we learned


The first step is to remove the old coil and install the new Plasma Arc coil. You will need to tap into two wires there as well. Attach the ground wire to the coil mounting bolt and you're ready for step two. This coil is specially designed to give you a hotter spark and deliver the maximum energy to the plugs. It's perfectly matched to the Plasma Blaster box, as are the plug wires. A complete wiring harness and instruction come with your kit and make installing this system a snap. The average grease monkey can have it done in about an hour on a stock vehicle.

Next step, mounting the brain box. Most Jeeps have a blank space on the forward passenger side fender so that's a good place to mount it. You can mount it in any other location you want though as it is not as effected by location as older ignition boxes are. Drill two holes and you're in business. Now just attach the wiring harness from the coil to the brain and you're ready to finish up the job. This is very straight forward and makes it easy for anyone with a tune-up level ability to handle. 

To get the most out of your new ignition system you'll need to install the new plug wires. This allows your engine to take full advantage of the dramatic increase in spark energy and completes the install. Now that wasn't too hard! While this particular kit was designed for the Jeeps they do have a more universal kit that will work with almost any vehicle with a distributor and external coil. For you Sport Compact guys, check out there kits for your favorite application. If you have the need, they can help you out. 

So what sets the Plasma Blaster ignition apart? It's that fact that it was designed from the ground up to take engine spark to the next level. The company president and head designer Ulf Arens has been teaching ignition system theory at Universities for years and is one of the foremost experts in the field. His understanding of the way an engine works and how the spark interrelates is amazing. Applying that knowledge he and the rest of the Ignition Solutions team came up with what should be the new benchmark in the field. I know this all sounds like a lot of big talk but all you need to do is call them and see for yourself. 



Stuffed inside this little box only slightly larger than a pager is enough technology to choke a Russian Cosmonaut. Just like MIR was 20 year old junk so to are the crop of yesterday's news ignitions out there. Even some of the new ones are still using outdated technology to give you 20 year old results. Starting with a clean slate Ignition solutions went inside the combustion chamber to discover just what your engine wants in a spark. Taking the latest advancements in micro technology they were able to dramatically increase the power delivered to your spark plugs and increase combustion chamber efficiencies. Just take a look at the numbers below to see their comparisons to OEM stuff.

Looks like a late model stock coil but it's not! Ignition Solutions makes this coil specifically to provide the maximum benefit from their Ignition system. You wouldn't install a lift on your Jeep, leave the stock tires and expect the most out of your new mods, would you? It's the same thing here. The factory uses the cheapest parts they can get away with. That just isn't going to cut it once you increase the voltage and current.

OEM System

Ignition Solutions System

Primary Current 5.5 Ampere 8 Ampere or 10 Ampere High Output version
Primary Voltage 280 Volts 390 Volts
Secondary Spark Energy 36 milli Joules 130 milli Joules

After about two seconds behind the wheel we could feel the difference. You could feel the power throughout the entire RPM range but especially in the mid and upper range. For you guys that are driving your Jeeps to the trails this will be a huge benefit. It's too early to tell about gas mileage but any improvement would be welcome right now with prices over $2.00 a gallon locally. We'll be doing a follow up article in a little while to give you a better idea of what we think about the ignition. So far we're really happy with it and can't wait to see how it does in the long run.

The whole system is about $400. While that might seems steep compared to OEM stuff or some of the budget ignitions on the market, this ignition really doesn't compare to those. First off, this is a complete package. You get the coil and wires and wiring harness. Second is the performance. This system performs better than anything else out there. I guess it all comes down to value. You really are getting more for your money here. To get even more for your money get your club together to do a volume purchase and they'll give you a nice little discount too. Give them a call for more details or for any other information you need.


Ignition Solutions
7920 Silverton Ave, Suite E
San Diego, CA 92126

888/806-8948 or 858/586-0080