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When we started this project we had a few ideas of what we wanted to do with it. First off, it had to be capable. The next thing we wanted was to have every luxury you can have in an extreme vehicle. That means leather seats, CD player, A/C, you name it. Then there's the look. Big lift, bigger tires, bumpers, roof rack, it has to be well equipped. This is not going to be your average grocery getter SUV, no sir, but at the same time it has to be comfortable to drive around town or on the highway. Sound like a tall order? It is. Follow along and we'll show you how we did it.


What are we doing?

The vehicle we decided to start with was a '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee that was a theft recovery. The whole truck had been stripped and almost everything needed some work. A lot of the parts were loose in the back of the truck but there was bound to be a few little odds and ends that we would come across along the way. We did!
If you ever think about doing something like this, get a big bucket of assorted nuts and bolts first. That's been the biggest pain in the ass so far. The interior was all there for the most part but it was dirty as hell and there was broken glass from the busted right rear window. That was replaced right away with a junkyard item for $75. Trick was getting the power windows to work without a complete electrical system. HOTWIRE!!! We tapped the direct wire to the window motor and viola`!
The next great hurdle is the engine. It was just about completely ready to yank out when the cops found the truck. That means that everything is loose or disconnected. The brake lines had been cut and the power steering pump was missing. Speaking of steering, the steering box wasn't even on the truck when we got it. A lot of good it did us in the back of the truck but at least it was there.

The engine still hasn't roared to life yet but that will be happening Labor Day weekend with any luck. We'll have to see about a rebuild after we know the computer and all the sensors are working. One thing at a time.

For now it's still in the replace and rebuild stages. Soon we will move on the the fun part, modifying, but we need to get everything working properly first. Next time we will have road pictures of the truck for you. If it runs that is. Wish us luck!

How will we lift the SUV? What about lockers? Bumpers? Tires? Will it ever run? These questions and many more will be answered next time in the continuing adventures of 
Grand'est Cherokee!!!!!!!!!!