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Going crazy has never been this easy!

So you've done a ton of work to your truck. It has every goody you can think of but still, the rear just doesn't flex like you'd like it too. We have one more goody for you that just might get our rear into action. BC Broncos has patented these Spring Rockers to help take a twist out of your rear suspension. Most of the binding that occurs is from the twist that happens when one side of the axle is going up and the other is going down. We have been running longer rear shackles (see: Superlift Suspension Install) on our truck to maximize the flex of the rear springs. This works great but causes one big problem. The shackles get twisted and hit the frame, stopping all movement. The BC Broncos Spring Rockers fix that, and in a big way! Now the spring just move up and down and the shackles just move forwards and back. All twisting has been eliminated. That additional flex is amazing, even with off-the-shelf tall springs. Just look at the picture of the rear suspension above. Can your truck do that? Let me show you what it took to install these Spring Rockers and see if it's something you want for your truck.

MVC-008F.JPG (64684 bytes) This is what you get from BC Broncos. Our parts cost $190 + shipping and tax. You will need a few other items as well. The top spring plate and new shock mounts. On a 1/2 ton Dodge you can not use the Shaggy's dual shock mounts as the Spring Rockers are too wide and there isn't enough room to fit both shocks. We used the Shaggy's single shock mounts and spring plate to complete the install. We had Shaggy's custom make the plate for us to fit the narrower bolt pattern of the Spring Rockers. They should have a kit available as we speak that completes the install. 

This kit cannot be used with a rear block!!! If you have a 3 1/2" rear bock you will lower the truck 1 1/2" by installing this in it's place. If you are not running a rear block install the Summit Racing Chevy Rear Shackles (Part # SUM-G904000 $49.99). See the Superlift Suspension Install again for more info about these.

MVC-010F.JPG (72756 bytes) We were already using a 2" block and the longer rear shackles on our truck so it was a snap to install the Spring Rockers. Actually is was a bear! They (or at least the ones we used) were designed for the early Broncos with have 2.375" wide rear springs. Real truck use a 2.52" wide spring. We had to grind the springs down to get them to fit. NOT FUN!!! They are working on a more full-size friendly design now so ask when you call them. If not get a comfy chair, a couple of grinder disks and plan a day of it. You only need to shave about .0500" off each side so it's not too hard to do and won't effect strength or safety to the best of our knowledge. You are really just removing the bulge part of the springs. Make sure you feather it out so you don't get any stress points though. We've been running these for a while now with now ill effects. Your mileage may vary though.

We also had to remove these shock mounts and install a single. The Spring Rockers are 6" wide so it really eats up the space for mounts. Our Dana 60 does not have the bulge the 9 1/4" axle has but still would have moved the second shock too far inboard for our tastes.

MVC-021F.JPG (57856 bytes) Here is what the rockers do for you. The axle is twisting and the spring is not. The springs are allowed to just travel forwards and back with no other loads placed on them. The flex this unleashes is amazing. We are getting miles of droop now where before we got very little. The Spring Rockers also have grease fittings to keep them lubed and moving freely. Ours are still VERY tight and can't be moved by hand, even after many miles of use. The rear axle is not sloppy in any way.
So, what is it like drive a truck with a Lock-Right, 35's and these Spring Rockers? Interesting. The Spring rockers give the truck a sense of over steer. The back end wants to come around a bit more than the front. The locker on the other hand gives the truck under steer. The truck wants to go straight through the turn. Don't the two cancel each other out? Yes and no. If you use the throttle just right they do and the truck drives great! Get on or off the gas too quickly and it jumps from under to over steer in an instant and really wakes you up, if you know what I mean. I would not put these on my truck if I did just average wheeling or this was my commuter vehicle. These are HARDCORE parts for HARDCORE people. If that describes you then maybe this will be the answer you've been looking for to free up your rear end. I meant your rear suspension!

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BC Broncos
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(760) 389-2309 local & fax
(888) 304-2945 toll free

Shaggy's Offroad
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